Best Web Hosting – Why VPS is the Best Option

Web hosting can be categorized into four basic sections these days, Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and Virtual Private servers hosting or better known as VPS Hosting. A Virtual Private Server was originally accomplished through partitioning space on a mainframe computer. Now, however, because of the massive increase in hard drive capacities, you can have a VPS setup on a simple web host. Now, before moving on to advantages of VPS hosting, let’s find out what other categories have. Now first category which is most popular is shared hosting, in this category systems are shared by number of web users hence resulting in cheap web hosting, this is the reason most of people specially the new users opt shared hosting. Problem with shared hosting is poor performance specially with the heavy traffic and second problem is users are generally restricted with number of files and type of files in some cases.Dedicated servers overcome most the problems faced by shared hosting like restricted files, better handling of traffic. Users are having full control over the space and other resources of their server, hence they are free to keep any type of file in any number or volume provided their server hard disk is having the required space.Semi-dedicated servers are something between shared and dedicated servers with functionality of dedicated servers but some restrictions over some specific area’s. Only problem or negative point about dedicated and semi-dedicated servers is cost, if let’s say shared hosting cost you $5/Month, dedicated will cost you around $200/Month and semi-dedicated may cost you $60’s/Month. Difference in cost is the reason people generally go for shared hosting.Now to take advantages of dedicated servers at the cost saving price middle path is being followed by most of the smart users these days. This path or solution is VPS i.e. virtual private servers. Virtual Private Servers are intended for advanced users who need to manage their own private server but are not yet ready to resort to a dedicated hosting solution due to the high maintenance costs. With a VPS hosting plan at hand users gain root-level access to the server, which is empowering them to set up and fully manage their own private hosting environment. VPS servers are based on an innovative virtualization technology, allowing for each VPS user to be completely independent from the others on the same machine in terms of software and server resources usage. This unique technology empowers us to allocate generous amounts of RAM memory, CPU and network resources to your VPS account and stand behind the guarantee that you will be receiving them at any given moment.The advantages, though, may far outweigh the risks. You will have all the benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost. You will be able to install the operating software of your choice. You will be protected from shared IP problems which occur on shared servers, as well as viruses that could leach over. You will enjoy greater speed than a shared server and you will have more control. Usually a VPS is quick and easy to set up.Looking for guidance on how to pick the right website host, you may visit my website Hostingfunda, to know and compare various hosting providers at the most reasonable rates.Best Hosting websites directory


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